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This piece is simply stunning, and an incredibly powerful and emotional scene. Though I have not read the fan fiction this piece is app...

This is so adorable! I love how Ju Long's facial expression just seems so natural and laid back, while Tigress' eyes seem to give off a...

I found this piece to be absolutely adorable. You captured both young Tigress' innocence and Shifu's blunt demeanor perfectly. The only...

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Third Film Review: Carrie
Carrie: (1976)
Ah, yes, Carrie, what a wonderful movie. It's the classic story of boy meets girl, boy takes girl to the prom, girl becomes prom queen, gets a bucket of pig's blood thrown on her, and her latent telekinetic powers go ape shit!
Yeah, if you're looking for a typical romance movie, this is so far from it that it's not even funny. The plot involves a young high-school girl named Carrie White, played by Sissy Spacek, who is constantly picked on and abused at her school by almost everyone in the place, except one teacher Miss Collins, played by Betty Buckley, her only friend Sue, played by a young Amy Irving, and her love interest, Tommy Ross, played by William Katt. These three people are the only ones in the movie that seem to give a damn about Carrie as a person.
Of course, every decent protagonist needs to have antagonist, but poor Carrie has it in spades. There's a pair of bullies at the school, Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan,  played by Nancy Allen, who most p
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Theater Of Blood (1973)
Ah yes, a rather unique title amongst the Vincent Price repertoire of horror films. Theater Of Blood stars Vincent Price, who was fresh off the Dr Phibes film series, as Edward Lionheart, a theater actor who performs only Shakespeare, is rejected at an actor's award ceremony and denied their greatest honor and, he feels, his shining moment. In a fit of depression, he leaps from the balcony of the building in which the ceremony is being held, plunging into the river Thames, we assume to his death. However, Lionheart survives, rescued by a group of drunken tramps, and comes back for revenge against the critics who mocked his performances, killing them, or sometimes people around them, off one by one in the style of death scenes from Shakespeare plays. My favorite death is the one where the only female critic is drugged, as is her husband, and Lionheart and his assistant somehow manage to cut off her husband's head without h
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Princess Luna Best Ever by Juria316 Princess Luna Best Ever :iconjuria316:Juria316 2 8
Trixie: A Poem
Trixie: A Poem
By: Juria
Note: I own nothing except this poem.
Standing alone in front of the crowd
With my magic, they I shall wow
Great and powerful is my prideful call
Cheers and applause I relish it all
Soon, however, the spotlight dims
And I am left alone once again with my sins
And my thoughts and dreams of a world gone by
As a rest in my bed, it brings a tear to my eye.
How I wish I could turn back the hands of the past
If so, I would give up every spell I've ever cast
Just to have them with me again, my family and friends
Great and powerful means nothing when you're alone in the end
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The New Kids: End Game Ch 3
The New Kids: End Game Ch. 3
By: Juria
Notes: This story takes place 6 years after "Lyoko Godfathers". If you're lost or confused, please, read "The New Kids", then "Lyoko Godfathers", then "Midpoint" to get caught up. If you're still a fan of this series, then I thank you for putting up with me this long. XD I own nothing except this story, my main villian, and a couple of OCs which are going to be really obvious! XD All characters are © to their creators, though I'm not going to mention what characters just to keep the suprises coming. :D Enjoy!
Cyborg's, Gizmo's, and Mammoth's unison question was soon met with an answer  when Sasami stopped in front of a young girl dressed in a red and green dress with green skin and red eyes. "Yuzuha, I think someone is looking for you." she said with a cheerful smile. Yuzuha turned to a young teen girl with blue hair, who wore a purple outfit and had been hastily attacking several robot drones. "Ok Mayuka, that's enough for today, g
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Yay, I'm another year older! Wow, I don't feel 32.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of my friends and followers!
This piece is simply stunning, and an incredibly powerful and emotional scene. Though I have not read the fan fiction this piece is apparently based on, I was instantly drawn to it on an emotional level, and could easily understand the context of what was going on. The only nitpick I really have, or more so an idea, is that I feel the piece would have a much stronger emotional impact if it were just Tigress' eyes that were given the glowing effect. Still, this is just a minor nitpick/suggestion, and in the end I just feel like I am grasping at straws. Overall, this is yet another fantastic piece from you, and I cannot help but be fascinated by it every time I look at it.
This is so adorable! I love how Ju Long's facial expression just seems so natural and laid back, while Tigress' eyes seem to give off an unspoken groan of aggravation. If she could talk, I imagine her saying something along the lines of "That's your daddy, trying to lose a limb again. Please don't be like your daddy." Or some other smart-arse comment. I really do enjoy the design you have for both mother and child in this pose. My only real gripe with it is the lack of some sort of background to really make the white parts of both Tigress and Ju Long stick out from the rest of the piece, but again this is more of a nitpick than anything else. Overall, your artwork continues to delight me.
I found this piece to be absolutely adorable. You captured both young Tigress' innocence and Shifu's blunt demeanor perfectly. The only real nitpick I could make is how warped Tigress' left arm is when holding Shifu, as her paw appears to have doubled in size, offering a hilarious mental picture of Tigress with one normal sized paw and one that is deformed and gigantic. Other than that, I cannot find any areas to critique. The colors are bright and cheerful, the background makes this image look like it was written on a scroll by some passing painter, and the atmosphere of the Kung Fu Panda world is captured brilliantly in this piece. Overall, you did an excellent job.


Wild and Crazy
United States
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